When we took a seat on a long-distance train journey recently, I was irritated to discover that I’d left my wallet at home. What really made me panic, though, was the realization that I’d also left behind my mobile phone. Two hors without communication or music: how was I ever going to survive?

And yet, as little as two or three decades ago, modern mobile devices such as these belonged to the realms of science fiction. Who would have though it possible to bank, shop, watch movies, and listen to music and much more from something as minuscule as today’s portable electronic products? Yet as with any technological development, the outcome for us all can be as damaging as it is beneficial. The instantaneous nature with which we receive so many products and services is truly astounding. In the case of music and literature, to name just two, you can carry in the palm of you’re the same amount of books and music that would have once been crammed into an entire room.

Communication via phone, text, messaging, email, video calls enables us to try a million and one ways to track someone down. Yet it is this very method of communication that is dramatically transforming our society into something almost unrecognizable. Younger generations have always sought to differentiate themselves from what preceded them, and classic examples of this are clothing or music revolutions. Now this platform literally enables entire sectors of society to isolate itself from another, and to some extent can be seen to be causing factions within society.

Seldom would anyone with a love of culture argue that having the world of literature and music at your fingertips is in anyway a treacherous path down which society is heading. Yet, whilst we embrace aspects of this technological revolution, we do feel it is having a detrimental impact on something that sets man apart from other species: the ability to converse.

This blog mainly focuses on this issue. We have divided it into several parts. First of all, there is a little introduction about the subject. After this, we have explained briefly the history of telephone services: from the old and hardly useful 0G to nowadays technology: 4G. Next, we provide a chronology of key developments in the evolution of mobile phones. To conclude, we have expressed our opinion about how this revolution affects on our daily life in a little deliberation with a video attached discussing this matter.



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